John Abraham Against the Notion of His New Puppy Being Called a “Stray” Dog

The Bollywood actor John Abraham has always evidently shown his love for animals through his constant support to the various animal welfare organizations. He has reportedly auctioned his football jersey to support the animal welfare organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to show his love for the animals and the upliftment of their living conditions.

Recently, he adopted a three-month-old female pup with the help of an animal welfare organization. She was a street puppy which was rescued by the concerned organization. The actor has named her “Bailey”. John differs from calling his new lovely pet a “stray” dog as he considers her to be the part of the family.

With this special notion, he wishes to create awareness among the people. As stated by the actor, it is sad that the people go mad for the pedigree dogs as they find them to be more cute and well-behaved. However, this is a misconception as stray dogs are equally cute and adorable. If anyone would love a pet, they would love it anyway; be it branded or from the streets.

We truly respect this man who strives to bring the common notion of the people towards the animals. Its high time a change is brought to the same thinking to enable the adoption of the street dogs as well in order to promote their life standards.

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