Despite of protests, Kerela continues to kill stray dogs

The Animal Lovers of the nation created an outrage as pictures and news of mass-killing of the stray dogs in Kerala spread across the social platform. Animal activists and organizations slammed the Kerala government as pictures of around 40 stray dogs including small puppies were shared across the social network, which remained scattered in the open with no one paying heed to the heinous crime.

Panchayat Officials deny their involvement

This is an incident of the northern region of Kannur, where the Panchayat officials denied their involvement in the same. However, there were images of dead dog bodies being carried, piled up in vehicles as Police officers stood by. However, the Panchayat President denied their involvement and said that the locals might have committed the crime to wave off the menace created by the street dogs.

The Kerala government had recently ordered for mass animal birth control process for the stray dogs to control their population. However, this incident comes as a shocking after-effect as there has been an uncontrolled and illegal killing of the dogs. The Union minister , Maneka Gandhi-an animal activist, has condemned this decision of Kerala government’s decision to conduct mass-culling of the stray dogs. She further claimed the incident to be “illegal and unlawful”.

It is recommended to sterilize them to control their population, as killing them is not at all a solution. Why commit the sin of killing a life? It is highly not understood as to how humans can grow such cold-hearted towards the animals to go the insanity of killing them at their own disposal. A peek into their eyes is bound to take anyone’s heart by compassion and love. Why kill them to make our lives comfortable? They have the same rights to live on this planet as the humans have!! It is a strong urge to the people and shitty government to understand the same and let the innocent creatures live an independent life.

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