Kiran Bedi still considers Street Dogs as Hazardous beings to society

Kiran Bedi , the Lt Governor of Puducherry, recently tweeted about the menace created by the street dogs and gave her statement against the same and had suggested “dog pound” as her most appropriate solution to the problem. Her statement specified that the street dogs are posing as “hazardous” beings to the society as people are suffering dog bites on a frequent basis.

Well, the recent inhumane advancements towards animals have just proved this statement wrong!! Remember the “Bhadra” incident of the Chennai MBBS students or the mass burning of the small puppies by some bunch of kids in Hyderabad? Are these barbaric acts not frequent and sinful enough?

Our lady in uniform believes that by shifting the dogs to animal pounds would curb the situation and would stop the menace being created by them. Though, the animals lovers and the leading national Animal Activist, the Union Minister for Child and Women Development- Maneka Gandhi; dares to differ greatly. As per the leading Animals Welfare organizations of the country like HSI (Humane Society International) India, strongly condemned the solution stating that the capture and translocation of the street dogs, is prohibited under the Animal Birth Control (Dogs) Rules (ABC), 2001; except for the times of animal birth control process.

However, Bedi went out to lash out at Maneka Gandhi for calling the officials who instructed to stop the torture against dogs, to which Maneka Gandhi came out to speak for the safety of the street dogs. In support of Maneka Gandhi, HSI too wrote a letter to Kiran Bedi stating that apart from the process of dog pound being illegal, it also would not serve the purpose of control of their population.

The Supreme Court too has directed the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (1960) with reference to the ABC rules, 2001; which needs to be implemented by all the states and the union territories. The Supreme Court further stated that no further innovative process other than that mentioned in the Acts would be undertaken by any body of authority.

We hope that the people, who raise their voices against the menace created by the street animals, look into the great examples of animal torture by the humans and then decide the fate of each.