Maid of Honor Carried the Bride’s Dying Dog Down the Aisle at Her Wedding

It was a special wedding of Kelly O’Connell when her Maid of Honor- her sister; carried the love of her life to her special day. It was none other than her dog, the Labrador, Charlie Bear, who was in the last stage of its life.

The bridesmaid Katie Lloyd had to carry the dog in her arms as the dog was too sick to walk on its own. However, Kelly’s wedding was special to Charlie and the wedding took place in its presence. The bride could not bear the thought of having the wedding without Charlie and so her dream was fulfilled by her sister as she carried Charlie to the wedding ceremony.
The groom, James Garvin, and his wife both are vets and animals play an important role in their lives. They have rescued 5 dogs so far, all of them were present at their wedding. Charlie was assigned a special place at their wedding.

The bride, Kelly, was very close to Charlie whom she had picked up from an abandoned shopping cart in New York when he was just 12 weeks old. At the time of the wedding, Charlie aged at 15 years, was suffering from brain tumor. Charlie passed away just a week after the wedding.Kelly was speechless as she saw Charlie being escorted down the aisle by her sister and she could not control her tears. It was a special, yet heart-breaking moment for both Kelly and her groom.
Such strong bond formed between a human and an animal is indeed precious as the love involved here is true and selfless. We grieve for the loss of Charlie. May his soul rest in peace!!

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