Meet the Dog Lady of Coimbatore: Has Rescued Street Dogs for Over a Decade

She is hailed as the dog lady of Coimbatore. And she has a reason to be called so. The lady named SV Geetha Rani has around 250 children. Do not get surprised! Her children are in the form of four-legged furry creatures as the stray dogs of the town. She has around 250 rescued street dogs over a period of time. She calls them as her children and offers selfless love and care towards them.

All of her rescued street dogs are kept at her shelter located at Selvapuram in Veerapandi Panchayat that is situated on the outskirts of the city. Geetha Rani has been dedicated to rescuing the injured and sick dogs since quite a long time. It is said that the dogs are the man’s best friend. But in this shelter of Geetha Rani, you would observe Geetha as the best friend and caretaker of her canine children. Her inspiring and touching story has been recently covered in a documentary that was titled as “Kaani Nilam Vendum” by a filmmaker of Coimbatore.

As she goes on to share her story, Geetha recalls that she has an unhappy childhood. She grew up devoid of any love and affection. It was her pawed-friends who gave her immense and selfless love during the tough phase of her life. She used to spend a lot of time playing with them and caressing for them as a child. It was then she had decided that as she would grow up, she would dedicate her life to do something for these innocent beings.

Geetha remained true to her friends and opened a shelter for them which would accept the stray, abandoned, injured, sick and rescued dogs. Initially, she only had 30 dogs when she started the shelter. She found the vacant land on the outskirts of the city and then moved to the same with her 30 children. With the passage of time, the number of dogs gradually began to increase.

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Proper Care of the Street Dogs

The rescued street dogs in Geetha’s shelter are well taken care of. They are fed on time and are even regularly cleaned, de-wormed and kept sans ticks and fleas. Geetha, along with her small team, does all the chores from her shelter itself. Right from rescuing the dogs, to feeding them, vaccinating, and even sterilizing them –all of these are carried out at her shelter. As soon as her team receives an emergency call for rescue, it rushes out to bring the dog to the shelter where it is given the proper treatment.

The only concern Geetha has is that the number of dogs is increasing day by day. They try to give away the dogs for adoption but there are only a few takers who adopt the stray dogs.

Geetha is setting us an example by doing such a noble deed all on her own. Each individual on this planet can learn to co-exist and Earth would be such a happy place to live in. It is time that you encourage adoption of the stray animals instead of going for the expensive breeds. Adopt and Save a Life!

Image Source: Times of India