Mom and Daughter Mercilessly Beaten By a Man for Adopting Street Puppies in Pune

Some humans can never stop us from believing the inhumane hearts they possess and the level of brutality they can commit. After all, what was the fault of the mother-daughter from Pune who only went ahead to adopt the small, little cute street puppies?

The video is going viral over the social media wherein a 43-year-old man named Milind Kale, is seen mercilessly beating the duo for giving shelter to the poor animals. His heartless attitude is shown in the manner he went to thrash the mother, Sejal and her daughter, Sonali; after they gave shelter to the motherless puppies.

According to Kale, the puppies were creating a nuisance in the locality. For now he has been arrested and has been put on remand for a day in the custody. To add to the shock, with such brutality going around, none from the audience came to lend a supporting hand in defense of the duo.

Here is a link to the whole incident :

It sometimes makes it hard to understand the kind of heart some people possess. By being so cold-hearted and cruel towards animals and also towards those who actually take a step to protect these animals; the question arises on the existence of Humanity!! May God watch these ruthless souls and punish them for the same.

Source: ABPLive

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