‘No more 50’ campaign launched to ensure stronger animal laws

In an unnerving set of deplorable events which had occurred recently in relation to acute terms of animal cruelty; finally someone from the Parliament has raised a strong voice against the same. BJP member Poonam Mahajan, moved a private bill in the parliament asking out for an increase in the penalties and stricter punishment for those liable to animals cruelty under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, in Chennai on Friday.

It comes after a series of disgraceful and inhumane activities had recently taken place with the Chennai MBBS student’s case of throwing the dog off the terrace and a group of young teens burning out the small pups. These were the cases actually heightened, while many other incidents yet remain unnoticed and pass by as there are no stricter laws against the same.

The bill was introduced in the wake of the nationwide “#NoMore50” campaign which called for raising the penalty amount to cease the cruelty against poor,innocent animals. The sinners mostly wave off easily the pitty 50RS. amount and are not discouraged to do the same again. The campaign was initiated by the Humane Society International/India and People for Animals to put an end to such light-reactions on such heinous crimes.

In introduction to the bill, Poonam Mahajan had said that there is an urgent need to amend the Act to prevent the unnecessary and undeserved pain and suffering to the poor animals to ensure that the Act discourages the sinners for such acts. As per the recent uproars from all races of humankind; the Bill has gone under the ballot and shall be taken seriously to make the necessary amendments.

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Image Source : pbs.twimg.com