Our Canine and Horse Soldiers to be Given Special Medals for their Immense Contributions

This would be the first time in India that the “four-legged” canine and horse soldiers would be awarded medals for their major contributions in the field of army and security forces.
This initiative has been taken by ITBP, the troops of the Sino-India border. They have selected a workhorse named “Thunderbolt” and a canine named “Sophia” to be felicitated with the medal on the forthcoming 55th-anniversary celebration of the guiding force.

It is a great initiative by the ITBP to acknowledge the loyal support of these animals in collaboration with the army men towards the security of the nation. The ITBP Deputy Commandant Vivek K Pandey said that these medals will be minted by their in-house team to convey to the “four-legged” companions that we truly respect their contributions.

Sophia has served greatly in the sanitizing events attended by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other VVIP delegates and has also been credited for sniffing out explosive devices in the Naxalite areas.
Thunderbolt has successfully served the Indian army by providing ammunition and food supply to the higher altitudes where the ITBP posts were set up.

It is a great news to appreciate the hard work and loyalty offered by these animals on such a selfless note. We pay our due respect to them!!

Image Source : softlinkweb.com

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