Outrageous: Monkey Suffocates to Death Caught by the Forest Department

A Monkey Suffocates to Death followed by the mishandling of the forest department officials in the village of Agasaga in Belagavi taluk in Karnataka. This has created quite an uproar among the animal lovers for mistreating the poor animal.

The monkey was accused of creating a havoc in the local village area for the past few months. It was then caught by the forest department on Monday. The forest department was led by the RFO named Nagaraj Balehosur. The monkey was caught by the forest department personnel with the help of the local residents. Then they stuffed the animal into a fertilizer bag with no passage of air. As a result of this, the poor animal suffocated and died.
When the forest staff opened the fertilizer bag in the local mini-zoo, some 14 km from the city, the monkey was found dead. Then they buried the animal in the zoo premises.

The district President of the Sriram Sene, Ramakant Konduskar said that it is highly unfortunate that the animal died in possession of the forest department. This reflects the level of ignorance and carelessness of the forest department staff towards the innocent animals. The incident has occurred heavily due to the negligence of the forest department officials.

An animal lover and environmentalist named Amrut Charantimath has said that the incident heavily exposes the foolishness of the forest officials who do not even know how to handle the animals. It is a matter of common sense that if you put an animal in a closed bag without any circulation of air in it, the animal will eventually die due to suffocation. The forest staff has been merciless.
For those who do not know the reason of havoc created by the monkey, it was due to the fact that the monkey had lost its baby after it came under the wheels of a tractor in the village. Ever since then, the monkey had been attacking the tractor drivers.

This news of the Monkey Suffocates to Death is highly uneventful. It is sad on the part of human beings for even referred to as the “rational” beings. For most of the people do not understand the level of pain that the poor and innocent animals undergo due to the height of negligence imposed by us. Both the deaths of the monkey and its baby were cases of negligence towards them. It is high time that the vehicle drivers drive carefully by keeping into consideration the innocent lives of the animals involved. LIVE and LET LIVE!

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Image source: nyoooz