Petxi: Pune’s Taxi Service for Dogs Specifically for Strays and Pets

You can call out Uber or Ola cab services whenever you need to go out? It is time for the pets too! Therefore, some animal groups of Pune have come up with the innovative approach towards the betterment of life of the pets and stray animals as well. The Petxi taxi service for dogs in Pune will ferry the dogs anywhere across the city. This taxi service is meant for the stray and the pet dogs alone.

This service was launched in January 2016 by Priya Kailad who is an animal welfare activist. She was aided by Aditya Makharia who runs a private taxi hiring service known as Makson Auto Hirers. Petxi is not aimed at earning profits by ferrying around the dogs. This taxi service for dogs is also aimed at transporting the injured stray animals to the needed medical clinics.

Makharia told in a statement that they have nursed around 12 puppies since last year. They reached out to several people. However, getting them adopted has been a serious concern. To top it all, there is also a serious issue over the transportation of the animals in case of emergency. Therefore, such a taxi service for animals was the need of the hour. They got two cars and then converted them into a dog-friendly taxi service.

The cars of the Petxi taxi service can be booked by giving a call, message or a WhatsApp text. One vehicle is dedicated for the transportation of the stray animals. The other car is meant for booking that can be made by the pet owners. The back seat of the cars have been removed and they have been replaced by the cushions to make the paw-friends comfortable and enjoy their ride.

Makharia added that the company staff has been trained to take good care of the pets as well as that of the stray animals. Even the chauffeurs are friendly with the animals. There is also a first-aid kit in each car to offer medical aid in case of any emergency.

Kailad added that since pets are highly emotional beings, it is ensured that they do not feel uncomfortable or anxious during the ferry ride. The drivers are, therefore, in constant conversation with the pets. The Petxi founders are also focusing on the other domains of the animal welfare. They are emphasizing the importance of ABC (Animal Birth Control) as well. Petxi is currently looking forward to broadening its horizons beyond Pune as well to the cities like Mumbai and Bangalore where the demand for such services is much greater and widespread.

The current price rate is 12 INR per kilometer for the injured strays. For the pets, there are different rates as per the distance and fuel usage.It can be concluded that taxi service for dogs is a great initiative by the animal welfare group members. Looking forward to more such happy incidents for the welfare of the conditions of living of the innocent animals.

Image source: huffingtonpost