A Disgraceful week for Hyderabad as Three puppies burnt alive and a Dog shot to death.

In a horrifying incident, humanity reached its level of insanity when a group of eight boys from Pathanwadi area of Musheerabad in Hyderabad tied up three puppies and set them on fire alive. This incident came as a series of horrifying event just after a few weeks from the Chennai medical student’s development of throwing away a dog from the terrace.

The boys even recorded the scandalous incident which showed how the small(just a few days old) puppies tried to crawl out of the fire and struggled through the same irresistibly. The spine-chilling cries of the pups could be heard from the video as it was uploaded by someone on facebook. The video went viral soon as the animal-lovers showed great uproar and critic on the shameful act. The uproar has resulted the boys ending up in custody for now.

puppies burnt alive in hyderabad

Source: Indianexpress.com

The petrifying video shows how easily the young,minor boys carried the pups by their tails and then set a fire to throw them in. It was evident that the boys had played with the pups earlier and then set a fire for fun. As the pups struggled to crawl out of fire, the boys used sticks to drag them back onto the fire and watched them burn alive.

In another incident from Hyderabad from the Nampally area, a man is seen taking aim and shooting a dog dead.


Humanity has indeed reached its level of barbarous-deeds where there is no fear of committing sin on such a brutal note. Such incidents happening so frequently are raising alarms for the safety of other animals as well who succumb to the deeds for no offence of theirs. Again a high need for stricter rules against animal cruelty comes up to be regulated to put an end to such menace. As for the bastardly act, the sinners are going to be set free easily as it always happens. We just can show condolences and pity for the lives that were brutally taken away and the pain and remorse they had to undergo at such a tender span of life.

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Image Source : NDTV