RCMP save a dog stucked in an ice lake in Canada

It’s the duty of every individual across the world to feel the pain of those who cannot speak for themselves and in return, help them out in every situation of distress.

Toronto, Canada recently experienced one such noble deed by one of RCMP(Royal Canadian Mountain Police) offical who helped out a six-month old Bernese Mountain dog named Josie, which had fallen through an icy pond near the Fraser lake of the country.An onlooker had encountered the accident and as he could not reach out to help the animal, he had called up the police. The official said that when he had arrived on the spot, the dog had been in the chilled water for almost an hour due to which the dog was almost exhausted and jammed. He knew there was not much time to waste and he immediately tied a rope to the boat and dragged the poor creature using a large ice pick. It is said that the official’s tyming to save the dog was great as the dog on reaching the boat had lost all energy and was deeply exhausted from the struggle.It was a happy ending as now Josie is back to her owners who were out of town when the incident happened.

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