Second Time in a Row – Elephant at a Function in Navi Mumbai

A week has not passed over the event of using an elephant for a wedding procession. This week, for the second time, another elephant at a function was spotted in Navi Mumbai. Owing to the sensitiveness of the matter, an animal activist group had filed a complaint with the local forest department to look into this serious matter. The use of elephants for the religious or personal events is banned in some areas of Mumbai and Thane. Yet people continue to torture the poor animal for their fun and entertainment.

Sunish Subramanian of the local NGO named PAWS-Mumbai claimed that this is the second time that they had observed an elephant at a function. Last week, an elephant was used for a wedding procession for which a complaint was lodged with the local forest department officials.

Elephants are protected species under the Schedule-I of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act (1972). Also, it is prohibited to make use of elephants for any religious or personal use in the area.


Claims of the Forest Department

The officials of the local forest department said that they have received the complaint regarding the same along with photographs of the same. They will look into the matter and inquire about the owner of the elephant. Once the report is submitted, proper actions will be taken against the concerned person or group.

The weddings in India are seen as part of the lavish display of wealth and luxury. Elegantly adorned elephants and chariots are considered to be proud possessions of the wedding procession. What we fail to understand is the sufferings the poor animals have to undergo through the entire process. They are unknown to the worldly desires of entertainment and lavish weddings. Spare them from your end of fun. The loud blasting music and fireworks amuse the animals. Let them be free for what god made them! Stop torture right now!

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Image Source: Natural World Safaris ( Only for representational purpose)