Smuggling Racket of Animals: Poaching of Wildlife Animals Like Chinkara and Barking Deer Found

It has just been four days since a huge racket of poaching of wildlife animals like Chinkara and Barking Deer along with the smuggling of the international arms were uncovered in Meerut. This happened after a 17-hour long raid that was jointly carried out by the DRI (Directorate of Revenue Intelligence) and the wildlife department. The raid was carried out at the house of the retired colonel and his son who is a national-level shooter.

After the raid, it has been revealed that the poached animals were that of the rare Chinkara from Rajasthan and the Barking Deer from the Terai region. The skins, as well as the skulls of various wildlife and rare species, were found in great number in the house of the colonel. The house of the national shooter named Prashant Bishnoi is put under further inspection. A detailed investigation is done to find out about the areas in which the animals were hunted and then brought to Meerut.

The sub-divisional forest officer of Meerut named Sanjeev Kumar has been appointed as the investigating officer in this sensitive case. He claimed that the chinkaras that were obtained were from Rajasthan. In the same manner, the barking deer were from the Tarai region. The team has begun the investigation to find the links that enabled Prashant Bishnoi to hunt in the protected areas. The origin of the other wildlife animals that were retrieved from Bishnoi’s home is yet to be revealed. This will happen once Bishnoi is interrogated properly.

Apart from animal skins, illegal arms and ammunitions also found

In addition to the animals’ skin and skull, the officials have also obtained more than 100 illegally imported arms and ammunitions. There are also obtained a large stock of the animal hides. These hides include that of the leopards, the skulls and even the meat of the endangered animals from Meerut and Delhi. There was also the skin of leopard and blackbuck, nine skulls of Chinkara, barking deer with 8 of them having their antlers and two trophies including that of the blackbuck and sambhar deer, one knife with an ivory handle, and around 117.5 kg of animal meat. The animal meat is said to be that of the endangered Nilgai that is kept in 45 packets in a freezer.

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To give more intimate details about the skulls and animals hides, the divisional forest officer of Meerut named Aditi Sharma said that the leopard skin is less than a year old and the trophies along with the skulls have been treated chemically.

This seems to be highly outrageous for such a heinous crime to occur even in the recent era. Poaching of wildlife animals is a serious issue. With stricter laws to combat the same, there have been several recurring cases every now and then. The wildlife of the nation and the entire world needs to be protected. They are not some piece of interior decoration to adorn the walls and floors. Nor they are some item to be sold out to earn whopping amounts. They are natural forms of LIFE –just like the human beings.

Live and Let Live!! Shame on the Bishnois!!

Image source: Wikiwand ( Only for representational purpose)