Supreme Court Orders Kerala Government to Put a Ban on Dog Culling

In a new turn if events which come as a relief to the animal lovers across the nation, the Supreme Court announced the Kerala government to introduce a ban on the killing of the stray dogs. This action calls for preventive measure when the alumni association of a prestigious college in Kerala had announced in October that it would gift gold coins to those who would kill the maximum number of stray dogs in the state. This was out to great outrage by the animal lovers and the animal activist organizations.

The Kerala police had lodged a complaint against disturbing activists who marched the streets of Kottayam with dog carcass in earlier September. The Kerala government has also allowed the authorities to sterilize the dogs instead of killing them to control their population.

Hope this bold step taken by the Supreme Court brings some sense in people and they stop torturing the innocent animals for their selfish motives.

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