Syrian Association for rescuing animals shelters and cares for animals during syrian wars

It’s a heart-wrenching scene to view any innocent creature wandering on the streets as stray in search for food and shelter and more of it is humiliating for us human beings to ignore the same and carry on with our routines of life. The same has been encountered in Syria, a war-stricken country where many people leave behind their pets to move to safer places.

The fact that they don’t understand is that these poor animals don’t get any shelter afterwards and move around helpless looking for a shelter.Thus a group named Syrian Association for Rescuing Animals(SARA) was formed to take into care the needs of these abandoned animals. SARA is a non-profit organization based in Damascus city, the capital of Syria, consisting of just five volunteers which use the social media to know about the condition of the abandoned animals and thus help them out by placing suitable strays on Facebook to help them out by finding them loving homes. This group initiated the noble cause an year ago with a mission to rescue and take care of the needy animals.

A volunteer named Sulaf Katmawi said that Syria being a disturbed nation due to the current wars where it is difficult for even humans to survive, finding a permanent home for the animals is a big challenge. This owes to the present condition of the people who cannot afford to have a pet. The NGO has managed to create safe places and farms as living areas for the animals and also provide proper food and medication as and when needed which gets fulfilled by the available funds the organization receives.

SARA also makes it a point to provide facility for deporting the animals to anywhere in Europe if they found a permanent home. Due to the raging war, even the animals get injured to which the NGO makes complete treatment and medications. Katmawi says that though some people do come for help, they still have limited capacities. SARA is presently also focussed on generating as much funding as possible to provide these animals better conditions for living in their shelters. The group also aims at creating awareness and educating people and students through their social media about care and protection of the animals


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