Three Devils Who Blinded a Pregnant Street Dog, Arrested in Mohali

In one another brutal case of inhumanity, three men hung a female pregnant street dog. They were simply not over with their inhumane deed as they went on to slash the eyes of the poor animal as well. The mistake committed by the dog – just that she was chasing their pet hens. This horrifying incident happened on the outskirts of Mohali, Punjab and has yet proved the shameful plight of the people towards animals in India.

Owing to the severity of the animal torture, in this case, the animal activists were in outrage and they approached the Sohana police station, seeking justice for the animal female dog. With the recent advancements, the police have arrested the three accused namely Makhan Singh, Harmeet Singh and Dassa. They were arrested under Section 428 (Mischief by killing or maiming animal of the value of ten rupees) of the Indian Panel Code (IPC).

The incident would have remained in the dark unless a man named Pardeep Singh spotted the severely injured animal and notified the local animal activists Udit and Roopika Dhillon in Mohali. They have been constantly taking updates on the case and have been urging the police to press charges against the accused trio.

As per a member of the Animal Welfare Board, Neeru Sindhu, the female canine kept wagging her tail in spite of the grievous injuries and is now ready to deliver her litter in a span of three-four days. She is a young canine and the barbaric incident has left her blind for life. She is being given treatment at the SPCA Hospital in Sector 38, Chandigarh.

Neeru added that due to lack of proper strict rules against animal cruelty in the country, these men will have no significant impacts on their lives as they would be left soon by the authorities. With such mere amount of penalty for animal cruelty, such inhumane and brutal acts against animals will continue to take place in the country. But at the loss of what- the lives of the poor animals who mean no harm to the human beings yet get punished for their plight of being speechless.

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