Two Stray Dogs Killed Brutally in New Panvel, Mumbai

In two separate cases of animal cruelty, two stray dogs were killed in a matter of one month in sector 11 in New Panvel, Mumbai. The killing of stray dogs fails to cease even after mass awareness among the general public by the animal activist groups and the animal lovers.

In one incident, the local vendors told the reporters that one stray dog was mercilessly battered on the head with a big rod. This incident happened about 4 weeks ago. The incident took place beside the Indian Petrol Pump in New Panvel. In another incident, a female stray dog bled to its death 5 days ago. This happened after a few unknown culprits chopped the tail of the dog. This too happened at the location of New Panvel.

A shopkeeper in the area reported that both the stray dogs were living across the footpath area in the locality since several years. In the first incident, the dog died minutes after 2 bikers hit him on the head with an iron rod. In the second incident, the dog suffered incessantly for 2 days before succumbing to her injuries. No one came forward to take care of the female dog as passers went by.

Killing of Stray Dogs on the Rise

The brutal act shocked several individuals in the region. A written complaint against the cruel killing of stray dogs has been placed at the Khandeshwar Police Station. The local animal activists have appealed to the authorities to increase the night patrolling for the safety of the animals.

An animal activist of the NGO named “Animals Matter to Me” reported that the crimes against the stray animals have been on the rise in the recent times. Another activist from PETA claimed that the PCA (Prevention Against Cruelty to Animals) must be strengthened. The individuals who torture or kill the animals must have fear of the stricter law against them.

It is high time that there is a stronger action against the killing of the stray animals as soon as possible. The culprits out there have no fear of the law. Therefore, they are running loose. The government must take some strict action to prevent the lives of the poor, innocent animals.

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