The World is on the Verge of Losing Two-thirds of Wild Animals by 2020

A report by the popular Living Planet Index claims that the world’s wild population can decline to 67% unless some strict action is taken by the humans. The number of wild animals on Earth is set to fall by two-third of their population by the year 2020 as a part of the mass extinction. This extinction would owe to the destruction of wild habitats, pollution, and illegal hunting.

The most vulnerable creature on the verge of extinction includes the elephants and tigers, including even the vultures and gorillas. Humans have now started dominating the planet which would result in the collapse of the wildlife. Poaching and exploitation for food and other uses form the major reasons for the probable extinction of the wildlife. The animals are also suffering the plight of the rising pollution and global warming levels.

According to the report, the loss of wildlife will have grievous effects on the lives of people as it would heavily disrupt the food chain. It is recommended by the experts to take effective steps to prevent this major loss. However, with aided steps from the organizations worldwide, some species have started to recover including the population of tigers and giant panda, which have been recently removed from the list of endangered species.

However, there is no time for despair, and needed steps have to be taken to prevent our planet from falling apart.

Image Source : African Wildlife Foundation

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