World’s Saddest Zoo Grandview Aquarium Traps Animals in Small Cabins For Public Display

The Grandview Aquarium which is located inside a mall in Guangzhou, China reveals a sad turn of events after a series of footage and photos of the plight of animals were captured and posted on the social media. It is a heart-wrenching sight to observe the poor animals including polar bears, wolves, whales, and walruses, which are trapped in a closed cabin with dim-light are somehow trying to gather the needful attention of the humans to set them free.

An article in Washington Post described the behavior of one polar bear which displayed signs of depression and wanted itself to be set free as it banged the glass cabins and gestured some form of kindness from the people around. The zoo has been referred to as the “saddest zoo” and also as a “prison”, which rightfully is described by the sad plight of the animals living here.

Upon gaining popularity due to the petition raised by Animals Asia for closing down this zoo, many people from across the world have joined this venture to give the poor animals a renewed life. The animals are bound to live in a small spaced cage-like structure which confines their proper movement and activities. Moreover, the cages are very small and lack the supply of even natural light. The poor animals never get to breathe fresh air or interact with nature at all.

The animals of this zoo are living a life of utter misery and depression. It’s high time we as humans understand our duties and offer some kind of help to them. They just need open land and fresh air to breathe in. They need to return to their natural habitat and live a life on their own terms. Can’t we as humans provide them their basic right to LIVE??

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Image Source : The Dodo