Zoo Animals Show Signs of Depression, Barely Eating Due to Absence of Zoo Mates

As the Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad is brimming with wildlife of all sorts, there is something gloomy with the animals here. The park houses over 1500 animals of different species. However, various birds and bigger animals like giraffe and chimpanzee are in dire need of a mate. They are facing the absence of zoo mates.
A giraffe is on the premises of the zoo since last eight years. There is also a chimp that has been waiting for its mate since last four years. The zoo authorities claim that there are around 12 more animals without their mates. As a result of the lack of possible mates, the animals in the zoo are showing signs of depression. The animals that are without the mates are becoming slow and are not eating properly. As a result of this, the animals are also dying an early death.

Care to be Taken of the Depressed Animals

The Worker’s Union along with the Telangana State Forest Employees have now sent the concerned representatives to the zoo. They are given the responsibility of searching for a mate to the animals. There is also the provision of bringing new animals like zebras to the zoo area. They claim that no attempts from the zoo authorities were made towards introducing mates for the animals and for the eradication of the absence of zoo mates.
The President of the Union, A Shiva Kumar, claimed that the animals are constantly under depression and are hardly eating anything. He further said that the other species are also in crisis and have reached their end stage. It is said that the breeding and mating concerns are not taken seriously. As per the workers, the absence of proper amenities has created an unhygienic atmosphere in the animal enclosures.

Observing the series of events, the Assistant Director of the Nehru Zoological Park, Dr. MA Hakeem said that they are planning to introduce the new animal pairs soon.

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Image Source: deccanchronicle