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May 24, 2017 / Animal welfare

Meet the Dog Lady of Coimbatore: Has Rescued Street Dogs for Over a Decade

She is hailed as the dog lady of Coimbatore. And she has a reason to be called so. The lady...
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May 16, 2017 / Animal welfare, Pet Rescue

Abandoned Baby Monkey Rescued in Mumbai

While the world was celebrating the Mother’s Day all over, a poor monkey baby was abandoned on the same day....
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May 8, 2017 / Animal Cruelty, Pet News

75 Dogs Rescued by Assam Cops from Being Smuggled to Dog Meat Trade in Nagaland

Assam Police have rescued as many as 75 street dogs on Thursday. They were being smuggled to Nagaland for dog...
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May 6, 2017 / Animal Cruelty

Smuggling Racket of Animals: Poaching of Wildlife Animals Like Chinkara and Barking Deer Found

It has just been four days since a huge racket of poaching of wildlife animals like Chinkara and Barking Deer...
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May 4, 2017 / Animal Cruelty, Events

Second Time in a Row – Elephant at a Function in Navi Mumbai

A week has not passed over the event of using an elephant for a wedding procession. This week, for the...
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May 2, 2017 / Animal Cruelty, Events

Elephant at Wedding Ceremony: Complaint Lodged by an NGO

In a recent wedding procession at Koparkhairane in Navi Mumbai, an elephant was used to adorn the procession. Owing to...
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April 29, 2017 / Animal Cruelty

Celebrities Join In to Transfer The Elephant named Gajraj to Animal Shelter

We witnessed the sad plight of the ailing 63-year-old elephant named Gajraj. The elephant from Aundh in Satara District of...
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April 27, 2017 / Animal Cruelty, Pet News

Two Stray Dogs Killed Brutally in New Panvel, Mumbai

In two separate cases of animal cruelty, two stray dogs were killed in a matter of one month in sector...
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April 25, 2017 / Animal Cruelty, Events

Zoo Animals Show Signs of Depression, Barely Eating Due to Absence of Zoo Mates

As the Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad is brimming with wildlife of all sorts, there is something gloomy with the...
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April 21, 2017 / Animal Cruelty, Events

Dying Elephants: Jumbos Die in Karnataka Due to Dehydration in Absence of Drinking Water

Tamil Nadu and Karnataka continue to fight over the issue of Cauvery River water. However, the wildlife animals are facing...
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April 19, 2017 / Animal Cruelty, Events

Gurgaon RWA Removed the Strays: Legal Notice Sent

There have been constant tussles between the RWAs (Resident Welfare Associations) and the animal lovers in Gurgaon. Recently, the RWA...
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April 17, 2017 / Animal Cruelty, Events, Pet News

Dog stabbed to death while protecting its owner from a vicious attack

A pet dog was stabbed to death in Mumbai. The dog's name was "Lucky" who was living with her owner...
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April 14, 2017 / Animal Cruelty, Events

Outrageous: Monkey Suffocates to Death Caught by the Forest Department

A Monkey Suffocates to Death followed by the mishandling of the forest department officials in the village of Agasaga in...
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April 12, 2017 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet News

Petxi: Pune’s Taxi Service for Dogs Specifically for Strays and Pets

You can call out Uber or Ola cab services whenever you need to go out? It is time for the...
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April 9, 2017 / Animal Cruelty, Events, Pet News

A Boy Aged 9 Beats a Cat to Death: FIR Against Him

In a confusing case, an FIR was lodged against a 9-year-old boy at the Vimantal Police Station in Pune. His...
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April 6, 2017 / Animal welfare

Conservation Group of Volunteers in Pune Take a Step Forward for Thirsty Animals

There is no denying the fact that as the humans feel the heat, the animals feel it too. It is...
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April 4, 2017 / Animal Cruelty, Animal welfare, Events

Amy Jackson to Co-Produce a Film to Create Awareness About Cruelty to Animals

Actress Amy Jackson is all set to co-produce and feature in a short film that will be aimed at creating...
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November 22, 2016 / Animal Cruelty, Animal welfare, Events

Animal Rights Group Alleges Elephant Torture During Kerala’s Vaikom Mahadeva Temple’s Fest

Thrissur-based animal rights group named Heritage Animal Task Force has alleged the torture of elephants which are paraded during the...
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November 17, 2016 / Animal Cruelty, Animal welfare, Events, Pet News

Supreme Court Orders Kerala Government to Put a Ban on Dog Culling

In a new turn if events which come as a relief to the animal lovers across the nation, the Supreme...
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November 15, 2016 / Animal Cruelty, Events, Pet Abroad, Pet News

A Sick Dog was Drugged and Smashed Over her Head by an Owner Who Didn’t Want to Pay Vet Bills

A psychic pet owner Graham Williams from Cleveland Street, Birkenhead, UK; who wanted to save £60 vet bills, went on...
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November 7, 2016 / Events, Pet News

4 Stray Dogs Saved a NewBorn Baby in Kolkata

Recently, an incident of 4 stray dogs saving an abandoned baby came to light in the city of Kolkata. This...
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November 2, 2016 / Animal Cruelty, Events, Pet Abroad, Pet Rescue

World’s Saddest Zoo Grandview Aquarium Traps Animals in Small Cabins For Public Display

The Grandview Aquarium which is located inside a mall in Guangzhou, China reveals a sad turn of events after a...
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November 1, 2016 / Animal Cruelty, Events, Pet News, Pet Rescue

In a Shocking Discovery,Shops in Chennai were found Selling Cat Meat Biryani

Many street shops and stalls were found giving away biryani made out of cat’s meat. The police and the animal...
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October 28, 2016 / Animal welfare

The World is on the Verge of Losing Two-thirds of Wild Animals by 2020

A report by the popular Living Planet Index claims that the world’s wild population can decline to 67% unless some...
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October 26, 2016 / Animal Cruelty, Events

A Man in Hyderabad Murdered and Raped a Pregnant Stray Dog

A 22-year-old man has been arrested in Hyderabad for allegedly the most bizarre and barbaric form of animal cruelty. The...
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October 22, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet Abroad, Pet Rescue

A couple Rescued and Adopted 46 Abandoned Dogs to Give them a Brand New Life

A Canadian couple named Mark and Sharon Starmer did something most people cannot do easily. They adopted as many as...
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October 18, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events

Three Devils Who Blinded a Pregnant Street Dog, Arrested in Mohali

In one another brutal case of inhumanity, three men hung a female pregnant street dog. They were simply not over...
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October 14, 2016 / Events, Pet News

The Last Surviving Dog of 26/11 Attack, Caesar Dies

The last surviving dog of the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai died on Thursday. The Labrador named Caesar was the last...
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October 10, 2016 / Events

Our Canine and Horse Soldiers to be Given Special Medals for their Immense Contributions

This would be the first time in India that the “four-legged” canine and horse soldiers would be awarded medals for...
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October 10, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events

A Group in Kerala Offers Discounts on Guns to Stop Street Dog Menace-Bizzare!!

If there would be anything left in Kerala towards the torture of the street dogs, it would be this news!...
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October 7, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet News

Kiran Bedi still considers Street Dogs as Hazardous beings to society

Kiran Bedi , the Lt Governor of Puducherry, recently tweeted about the menace created by the street dogs and gave...
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October 3, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet News, Pet Rescue

John Abraham Against the Notion of His New Puppy Being Called a “Stray” Dog

The Bollywood actor John Abraham has always evidently shown his love for animals through his constant support to the various...
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September 28, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events

Mom and Daughter Mercilessly Beaten By a Man for Adopting Street Puppies in Pune

Some humans can never stop us from believing the inhumane hearts they possess and the level of brutality they can...
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September 26, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet News

A Great Dane Chained on the Chennai Streets, Left to Starve to Death!

After the “Bhadra” incident wherein a pup was thrown off the terrace by two MBBS students, another heart-wrenching news came...
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September 23, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet Rescue

A Severely Injured Monkey Was Saved by a Man in Damoh District

With so many stories of brutality towards animals in the recent times, it comes as a relief and happy news...
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September 20, 2016 / Events, Pet Abroad, Pet News

Maid of Honor Carried the Bride’s Dying Dog Down the Aisle at Her Wedding

It was a special wedding of Kelly O’Connell when her Maid of Honor- her sister; carried the love of her...
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September 16, 2016

Bangladesh Bleeds As Mass Slaughter Occurs on Eid

On the eve of Eid-al- Adha,a large scale of animal slaughter occurred in the capital city of Dhaka. The bloodshed...
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September 14, 2016

Bengaluru Woman Denies Marrying a Man As He Was Not a Dog Lover

The animal lovers across the world have shown weird forms of love towards their paw-friends. Such was a recent incident...
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September 1, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet News, Pet Rescue

Rs.2 Lakh Fined On The Boys Who Threw Bhadra From The Terrace

A happy news for all the animal lovers who so wish the sinners who torture the innocent animals receive unforgivable...
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August 29, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet News, Pet Rescue

Despite of protests, Kerela continues to kill stray dogs

The Animal Lovers of the nation created an outrage as pictures and news of mass-killing of the stray dogs in...
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August 20, 2016 / Events

Worlds most photographed tiger,Machli,died in Ranthambore

It’s a sad news for the animals as well as the wildlife lovers as “Machli”, the most-sought-after tigress who was...
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August 15, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet Abroad, Pet News

A Stray Dog Got Adopted After Waiting For 6 Months In Buenos Aires

If you are patient enough and strive for something; you shall get it! The same worked for a stray dog...
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August 14, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet News

A Dutch rider dropped out of Rio Olympics 2016 after her horse fell sick

To be a part of Olympics is one big dream for every athlete for which they strive for since so...
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August 11, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet News

Several Innocent Goats Sacrificed to ensure success of ‘Kabali’

Fans have been known to cross their limits when it comes to promoting their actor of choice! Recently, fans of South...
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August 9, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet Abroad, Pet News, Pet Rescue

30 Pups and Dogs got rescued at Delaware in New Jersey

Good news come from around the World when incidents of animal welfare are witnessed in small packages. It was relief to...
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August 6, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet News

‘No more 50’ campaign launched to ensure stronger animal laws

In an unnerving set of deplorable events which had occurred recently in relation to acute terms of animal cruelty; finally someone...
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August 4, 2016 / Animal welfare, Pet News, Pet Rescue

Telangana Forest department urge people to have a safe Nag panchami

The Telangana state forest department has urged the local people to participate in a safer Nag panchami festival from the perspective...
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August 1, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet Abroad, Pet News, Pet Rescue

A German Shepherd Chewed up his own leg to escape for food and water

Humans bring in pets to shower it with love and care in abundance which knows no limits. Some people even treat...
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July 31, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet News, Pet Rescue

Blue Cross Organization was questioned for its work ethics by Animal lovers

It was this recent post by someone named Swathi in Velachery,Chennai of her repeated calls to the Blue Cross Organization when...
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July 27, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet Abroad, Pet News

A member of Conway Humane society comforts a dog after surgery

It was a heart-wrenching scene in New Hampshire as a staff member at the animal shelter of Conway Area Humane Society...
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July 25, 2016 / Events, Pet News

26/11 hero Sniffer Dog ‘Tiger’ passes away

26/11 hero Sniffer Dog 'Tiger' passes away - Dogs are living examples of those who have always outcasted their true...
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July 21, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet News

A Disgraceful week for Hyderabad as Three puppies burnt alive and a Dog shot to death.

In a horrifying incident, humanity reached its level of insanity when a group of eight boys from Pathanwadi area of Musheerabad...
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July 9, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet News

Due to the mental trauma of death of her litters, Ammu died in Bangalore

A mother’s love for her children is the most precious and valued form of love. Instances have shown how a mother...
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July 6, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet Rescue

Students of a medical college in Chennai throw a dog off the terrace

On a recent video which created outrage among the animal in which two men were seen mercilessly flinging a poor,small dog...
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June 26, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events

Get yourself a Government Identification Card if you feed and take care of strays

It is a common act to see animal lovers face discrimination from the society in multi-fold ways as people tend to...
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June 21, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet Abroad, Pet News

Man Buys Store’s Entire Supply of Pet Food to Donate to Animal Shelters

It’s the madness for animals which makes animal lovers cross all limits when it comes to the upliftment of their lives....
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June 14, 2016 / Events, Pet Abroad, Pet News

Bretagne who rescued many lives during 9/11 attacks Odes Goodbye to the world.

Salute to the true martyr!! This dog saved innumerable lives during the 9/11 attacks and was the last surviving one...
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June 10, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet Abroad, Pet News, Pet Rescue

Dogs rescued during Houston floods by crew members of a news channel

The true worth of humanity is observed when performed in high times of need and disaster. The recent floods in...
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June 3, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet News

Street Dogs killed in Diamond City West complex in south Kolkata.

How inhumane can a human being be!! It’s a bitter truth to the living condition of animals in our country when...
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May 28, 2016 / Animal welfare, Events, Pet News, Pet Rescue

22 animals rescued from Rambo Circus , Pune

Cruelty to animals in circus has always made news with regard to violations of animal rights. A recent rescue of 22...
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May 24, 2016 / Animal welfare, Pet Abroad, Pet News

Syrian Association for rescuing animals shelters and cares for animals during syrian wars

It’s a heart-wrenching scene to view any innocent creature wandering on the streets as stray in search for food and shelter...
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May 20, 2016 / Events, Pet Abroad, Pet Rescue

Volunteering group of Canada rescues pets from a forest fire

A look into a brave deed by one of the volunteering groups of Canada who risked it all just to...
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May 18, 2016 / Events

Indie Dog decides to enter the ground while DD & RPSG battle it off

How a dog could not help but make its way all to the grounds to support its IPL team. It...
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May 15, 2016 / Animal welfare, Pet News

Death number reaches 256 for asiatic lions in last five years.

It’s a sad news regarding the steps taken to increase wildlife population as a recent research shows a considerable increase...
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April 28, 2016 / Animal welfare

Horse carriages banned in Mumbai

Image Courtesy : An effort by various animal rights activists that finally urged the Maharashtra Government to put a...
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April 19, 2016 / Pet Rescue

Edmonton society on a rescue spree

A major step towards animal rescue, especially dogs was taken by staff and crew of Edmonton Humane Society(EHS) as they rescued...
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April 15, 2016 / Animal welfare, Pet Abroad, Pet Rescue

RCMP save a dog stucked in an ice lake in Canada

It’s the duty of every individual across the world to feel the pain of those who cannot speak for themselves and...
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April 10, 2016 / Pet News

Our goodbye to Max !

A sad demise of one such braveheart, the white labrador named Max- a police dog who had played a vital role...
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April 9, 2016 / Animal welfare

Coimbatore to start ‘Anibulance’

Here is the much-awaited step towards the betterment of animal lives. A NGO named The Humane Animal Society is all set...
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April 8, 2016 / Animal welfare

“Shakitman” incident demands a change in Animal cruelty law.

Inspired by the plight of the police horse Shaktiman,Uttarakhand State Animal Welfare Board (USAWB) has put a request to the Union...
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April 8, 2016 / Animal welfare

Local temples of Goa to take care of near by cattles

A step closer to animal welfare was taken by Goa Government when it decided to involve in local temples to take...
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