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Ravi and his family finally experienced the joy of having a pet

Ravi and his family finally experienced the joy of having a pet.

Its with MICK that I learned to live a new life with an added meaning to it. I was always fond of dogs and wanted to bring a pet home. I loved visualizing a life with a dog at my home roaming and hopping around, with which I could relive my childhood and nurture the same. But to get a pet at home involves a set of responsibilties and with my tight schedule, it was a tough decision for me. I grew sceptical about my decision for the same as I was jinxed between…

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A Couple in Wisconsin adopt a blind dog

A Couple in Wisconsin adopt a blind dog.

Animal lovers have been known to cross all boundaries when it comes to the welfare of the animal’s life. Such was a recent encounter of a family who made it realise to the world the sanity that still exists in some human beings towards animals. When this family in Wisconsin,located in the north-central United States, came to know about a blind dog that lived in a shelter; they just knew they had to adopt it no matter what. The family already has a pooch which suffers from the same disorder…

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Amee Mendez rescues street dogs

Amee Mendez rescued 44 dogs from the streets and gave them a better life.

It takes enough determination and a big heart to rescue 44 stray dogs from their shackled life and to raise them at one’s own house as members of the family. This is the heart-touching life of this corporate employee, a 37 year old dog lover Amee Mendez from Bengaluru who has been looking out for these cute,little dogs with utter purity in her heart. It was the sight of an abandoned Pomeranian which moved her heart deeply that she took to adopting that pup and keeping it at her house….

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Love at first sight with ‘ELSA’ the Labrador

Love at first sight!! That’s how I would call our bond. We connect through our eyes. It is a story of unspoken words and immense love that exists there between us. Her name is Elsa. I was 15 when my dad brought this bundle of happiness for me. To me, she is my whole wide world, as everything stands unparalleled when she lays down upon those deep,innocent eyes which says it all. She guesses all my moments of sorrows and would simply come up to me and comfort me by laying down on my…

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