Amee Mendez rescued 44 dogs from the streets and gave them a better life.

It takes enough determination and a big heart to rescue 44 stray dogs from their shackled life and to raise them at one’s own house as members of the family. This is the heart-touching life of this corporate employee, a 37 year old dog lover Amee Mendez from Bengaluru who has been looking out for these cute,little dogs with utter purity in her heart.

It was the sight of an abandoned Pomeranian which moved her heart deeply that she took to adopting that pup and keeping it at her house. Her passion and love for animals lead her into this path of welfare and she moved on to rescuing more abandoned and needy dogs to provide them a better life. She had already been grieving for her grandmother’s death when dogs came to her rescue. She finds immense love and satiation in feeding and taking care of these pups despite the hindrance from the neighbours for doing so.


Complications do arise in the process as she has to deal with hectic work-life and financial issues as well. Yet she tries to compromise as much as possible only to give the animals a better life. Today, she spends almost Rs.50,000-60,000 to feed and take care of the dogs. She has been lucky enough to have been aided by other animals lovers too.

She looks forward to raise enough funds so that it would become more simpler and grander for her to raise this noble cause and spread awareness across people to take care of the animals too.


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