A Couple in Wisconsin adopt a blind dog.

Animal lovers have been known to cross all boundaries when it comes to the welfare of the animal’s life. Such was a recent encounter of a family who made it realise to the world the sanity that still exists in some human beings towards animals. When this family in Wisconsin,located in the north-central United States, came to know about a blind dog that lived in a shelter; they just knew they had to adopt it no matter what.

Blind dog adopted

The family already has a pooch which suffers from the same disorder and could not resist their emotion to save the life of the blind dog and provide it a permanent home. The blind dog named Batty, a bulldog, ws residing in an animal shelter 2000 miles away from their home in California. That simply did not sway their determination and passion to bring the innocent creature home and they set out a 33-hour long road journey to bring it to the mission.

Blind dog checkup

Accompanying them was their beloved pooch to bring back the brother-from-another-mother. They did make it a point to indeed stop at a park back home to make the two brothers engage well with each other.

Such evidence of true humanity towards the innocent creatures is hard to find in today’s world and demands true respect and admiration to all those who can in their worth serve the poor animals.


Source : goodnewsnetwork.org