Ravi and his family finally experienced the joy of having a pet.

Its with MICK that I learned to live a new life with an added meaning to it. I was always fond of dogs and wanted to bring a pet home. I loved visualizing a life with a dog at my home roaming and hopping around, with which I could relive my childhood and nurture the same. But to get a pet at home involves a set of responsibilties and with my tight schedule, it was a tough decision for me. I grew sceptical about my decision for the same as I was jinxed between my feelings to have a pet and yet fulfill its requirements at the sametime.

After much thought to the same and finalizing it with my family members, I finally decided to go for the best decision of my life. One of my friend suggested me to take this small,little pup just one-month old and that’s when I brought MICK home. Being so small, Mick almost took everyone’s heart with its utter cute face and gestures. My family members took it as a child of their own; feeding and nurturing it as a small baby. We did all parents of any human child does for their baby; for Mick was indeed our first-child. Taking care of Mick’s needs became my upmost responsibilty and I still(with Mick 3-months old) make it a point to leave no stone unturned to keep him happy and satiated with everything to his comforts.

Life came to a hault for us as Mick was diagonsed with “Canine ParvoVirus(CPV)”-a highly contagious viral illness that affects dogs. It shook us as we saw Mick in pain. I forgot about everything and Mick had become my primary motive as I took him to several vet appointments. Even my family used to stay up all night long to keep him under proper care and supervision. Later on, Mick was even bitten by a poisonous insect and then again, he stumbled and fractured his front leg; all through this time I could not even think of leaving Mick alone for a moment.

As a true baby of the house, Mick has changed the perspective my family visualized animals and I owe it to him for changing me as a better person. I have grown so sensitive towards animals in general and look forward to doing something noble for them too. Even my family members have grown so fond of Mick and cannot imagine a moment without his presence in the premises. He completes my family and I thank God for sending me the best gift of my life.


Narrated By : Ravi Agarwal, Jaipur