Love at first sight with ‘ELSA’ the Labrador

Love at first sight!!

That’s how I would call our bond. We connect through our eyes. It is a story of unspoken words and immense love that exists there between us. Her name is Elsa. I was 15 when my dad brought this bundle of happiness for me. To me, she is my whole wide world, as everything stands unparalleled when she lays down upon those deep,innocent eyes which says it all. She guesses all my moments of sorrows and would simply come up to me and comfort me by laying down on my lap. I think we have an inbound connection that simply conveys all that we want to share. She cannot speak but her eyes defines her endlesss and immense love and affection for me. She feels like a bliss to me.


Narrated By: Saumya dixit, New Delhi