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Logical Reasons Why One Should Adopt Instead of Buying a Pet

We all hear of the noble cause of adopting an animal. Have you recently decided to bring home a new pet? Then, you must have browsed the Internet for the best breed and the best shop to but the pet from. Ever wondered if adopting a pet could be a better option for you? Have a read: Adopted Pets Cost Less: Well, the most determining factor which can motivate someone to go for adoption rather than buying is that adoption is way less expensive than buying from a reputed pet…

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john abraham adopts a stray dog

John Abraham Against the Notion of His New Puppy Being Called a “Stray” Dog

The Bollywood actor John Abraham has always evidently shown his love for animals through his constant support to the various animal welfare organizations. He has reportedly auctioned his football jersey to support the animal welfare organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to show his love for the animals and the upliftment of their living conditions. Recently, he adopted a three-month-old female pup with the help of an animal welfare organization. She was a street puppy which was rescued by the concerned organization. The actor has named her…

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Pet Talk 

Breed or stray

In India, having a dog as a pet is considered to be more of  status-biased than the actual emotional factor to it. People are on a race to buy the dog of the best breed giving away exorbitant amounts to swank away their status. But ever considered the real reason behind this pricey possession of yours. While buying a fine quality dog breed which normally tends to be of foreign genes, it is the task of breeders to ensure certain predetermined parameters that the creature fulfills before handling it to…

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