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Inculcate the Importance of Vegetarian Food for Your Pets Animal Compassion Blog For Pet Owners 

Inculcate the Importance of Vegetarian Food for Your Pets

If you support animal welfare and have a pet at home, then juggling between the dietary needs of your pet can be really daunting. For the first thing, dogs & cats love meat-based food. So, if you are concerned about the overall health of your companion animal and also take into consideration the cruelty of the meat industry, then you can inculcate the importance of meatless food or vegetarian food for your pets. Meat Industry: Dangerous & Unsupervised If you wish to encourage yourself and others to start vegetarian food…

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Heat cycles in animals Pet Talk 

Heat cycles in Animals

God has magnificiently created mammals and one of the best example of his creations are the female mammals. Mammals experience different stages into their life cycle and one of the most peculiar phase in a female mammal is the term when she is “on heat” i.e; during her menstrual cycle. Menstruation in mammals is the shedding of the uterine lining(endometrium) at regular intervals which varies across mammal range. Let us ponder into menses in animals and how to deal with them if you have a pet at home and you…

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