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Government issues ID cards to people who feed stray animals

Get yourself a Government Identification Card if you feed and take care of strays

It is a common act to see animal lovers face discrimination from the society in multi-fold ways as people tend to harass them by lude comments and grave stares as if they might be committing some sin, which on the other hand is just a task of feeding a hungry animal. Keeping in mind such bigotry behaviour, the AWBI has come up with a way to boost up the confidence of such animal lovers and promote animal welfare at the same time. As animal lovers have seen a rise in their numbers, so has…

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Horse carriages banned in Mumbai

Image Courtesy : An effort by various animal rights activists that finally urged the Maharashtra Government to put a ban on the use of horses for joy rides in decked-up horse carriages from the streets of Mumbai will finally get into action starting this June. Locally known by the name “Victoria”, these carriages have known to be spectacular tourist attraction around the Gateway of India premises. The tradition of carriage ride all adorned with silver paintings,lights and artifacts of all hues and colors, has been follwed since the British era. Primarily…

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