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Importance of Plants to Street Animals Animal Compassion Blog 

Importance of Plants to Street Animals

Protecting the natural environment is vital to ensure that there is access to natural air, water and habitat for both animals and human beings as well. As important are plants to the human beings, these are also important for the street animals. We live on a planet which goes by the concept of sustainable living. It is all about co-existence. As such, we must learn to co-exist with each other –plants, human beings & animals –all together. Need of Plants for Street Animals If you consider the importance of plants…

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Importance of Animals and Pets in Hindu Mythology Animal Compassion 

Importance of Animals and Pets in Hindu Mythology

Animals have played a major role in the Hindu mythology since many years. The Hindu scriptures have depicted the animals having souls from the animals including down to the insects and even tiniest of organisms. Animals have been frequently mentioned in the Hindu myths and play a significant role in the form of various gods and goddesses.   Treatment of Animals in Hinduism The ancestral Hindu people treated animals of all forms with respect by considering them as objects of worship. They categorized the animals based on the type of…

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