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How Animals Sixth Sense helps in predicting future Animal Compassion 

How Animals Sixth Sense helps in predicting future

Animals have been known to have sixth sense which helps them predict furutre happenings in advance and they know how to tackle the same at their best possibilty. Forget the advanced technological applications available, this indigenous method is being utilized by the flood-stricken villagers of Assam, where the local people are able to make their moves correctly on the basis of abnormal animal behaviour. Villages in Assam are located in very remote areas, and in absence of proper forecasting system available, the villagers here are accounting on the behavioural changes of the native animals to…

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Pet Talk 

Birds “Not born to be caged”

Birds are creatures of the sky. I remember how seing a small “birdie as I call them” on my window pane makes me smile; how I wish I was a bird too, free of all stress and so serene. God made birds to live a free life out in the expanse of the wide, endless sky. Yet human beings being so unkind and selfish, made these creatures their pet too. Humans cage the glorious birds into small,fenced bars which snatch away all of their freedom and restrict them to live the rest of their…

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