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Time to Put an End to the Ivory Trade to Protect the Endangered Elephants Animal Compassion Blog 

Time to Put an End to the Ivory Trade to Protect the Endangered Elephants

The elephants of the world are under crisis. Several thousands of elephants are killed each year for their precious ivory tusks which illegally traded across the exotic markets of the world. It is strongly believed that the ivory trade is the main reason for the depleting population of the elephants in the world. The Need to Protect the Elephants Elephants are the wild animals that are extremely native to their regions. Their existence is highly vital to the region in which they live. The elephants shape the landscape. As they…

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Defending the Rhinos from the Illegal Rhino Poaching and Horn Trade Animal Compassion Blog 

Defending the Rhinos from Illegal Rhino Poaching and Horn Trade

South Africa is home to around 70 percent of the total population of the endangered rhinoceros left on the Earth. When the European rule in these lands intensified, the rhino population went down drastically from the several hundred thousands of rhinos who were native to the African forests. This happened due to the extensive rhino poaching. In the current scenario, the rhino population is spread across 2 continents and just 5 species. Around 20,400 white rhinos remaining Around 5,250 black rhinos remaining The great one-horned rhinos The Sumatran rhinos The…

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Pet Talk 

Birds “Not born to be caged”

Birds are creatures of the sky. I remember how seing a small “birdie as I call them” on my window pane makes me smile; how I wish I was a bird too, free of all stress and so serene. God made birds to live a free life out in the expanse of the wide, endless sky. Yet human beings being so unkind and selfish, made these creatures their pet too. Humans cage the glorious birds into small,fenced bars which snatch away all of their freedom and restrict them to live the rest of their…

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