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30 dogs and pups rescued in delaware

30 Pups and Dogs got rescued at Delaware in New Jersey

Good news come from around the World when incidents of animal welfare are witnessed in small packages. It was relief to many small lives as dozens of dogs were rescued and brought into an animal shelter in Delaware in New Jersey. It was an eye-pleasing act to see as a van carrying around 30 dogs and pups arrived in a welfare shelter named as Faithful Friends Animal Society. These dogs and pups were rescued from high-kill shelter in Dallas,Texas. Faithful Friends is usually aimed at serving and rescuing stray dogs; but as they came…

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Forest fire in Canada

Volunteering group of Canada rescues pets from a forest fire

A look into a brave deed by one of the volunteering groups of Canada who risked it all just to save those who cannot speak. It was this incident in Canada when a fast-moving fire spread out and started taking its toll on the houses and the forests nearby.Though an emergency alarm was raised to evacuate the houses which had come in contact, it still took time for people to leave their offices and shops to come to the rescue of their pets. It was then when a group of Canadian truck aesthetes thought…

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RCMP save a dog stucked in an ice lake in Canada

It’s the duty of every individual across the world to feel the pain of those who cannot speak for themselves and in return, help them out in every situation of distress. Toronto, Canada recently experienced one such noble deed by one of RCMP(Royal Canadian Mountain Police) offical who helped out a six-month old Bernese Mountain dog named Josie, which had fallen through an icy pond near the Fraser lake of the country.An onlooker had encountered the accident and as he could not reach out to help the animal, he had called up the police. The…

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