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6 Ways to tell if you are Ready for a Dog For Dog Lovers 

6 Ways to tell if you are Ready for a Dog

Are you planning to bring in that cute, little pooch to your house? Dogs are said to be the man’s best friend. A dog’s pup is the cutest thing you could ever find on this planet. They are cute, cuddly, brave and smart creatures who would love you beyond words or actions. For them, you are their life. Not only are they great companions, research proves that people who are in their company are more happy and content. Dogs give mental peace and contentment to human beings and have also…

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dog in cricket

Indie Dog decides to enter the ground while DD & RPSG battle it off

How a dog could not help but make its way all to the grounds to support its IPL team. It was an interesting match going on between Pune and Delhi, five balls into the secong innings on 17 th May,2016; when a stray dog decided to envade the pitch amongst all the players giving their shots.  The match became more interesting as the spectators cheered when the players decided to play a light game with the man’s best friend. The dog was thoroughly enjoying its time into the fields and ran across even when…

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cute pug Pet Talk 

Pug, the cutest of them all

Those who have Pugs as a pet can easily relate to the following reasons for calling them the cutest and the best dog breed ever. Let us have a look at some:  Don’t they simply look adorable when they look into your eyes!! That “Aww” comes automatically from your mouth and you cant help but simply give the pug that look filled with love. They simply melt away your heart.  Pugs are known to be self-entertainers and yes, in the process they would entertain and amuse you as well. One can just go round…

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Pet Talk 

10 facts about dogs

You might love your canine companion tons and it might be always that sweet, little pup for you; but ever considered knowing them more deeply, somethings which they might never be able to express, yet they feel. So let us explore some zestful facts about our canine companions: That one year old pup you might consider so cute and fragile, get a hold on! For a year-old pup is as physically mature as a 15-year old human.    Everyone must know that dogs have a brilliant sensory system of smell which comes in…

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