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Our goodbye to Max !

A sad demise of one such braveheart, the white labrador named Max- a police dog who had played a vital role in the 26/11 operations,Mumbai. The dog passed away on Friday after a periodic illness. The sniffer dog had an important role during the 2008 Mumbai attacks and saved several lives by successfully sniffing out 1 IED, 1 hand grenade and 8kg of RDX in the Taj premises.The dog had retired from duty in 2015 and was later shifted to a retirement house where he was taken care of by two sitters. Max had…

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Pet Talk 

10 smartest dog breeds in the world – Do you have any of them?

Dogs are one of the most intelligent creations of God, yet they also vary when it comes to their IQ levels.Let us have a look at some of the smartest breeds out there in stock Border Collie Highly energetic and intelligent breed, they make excellent work and home companions. Owing to their high energy levels, they are well-suited with owners who are complementary to their active regime. One finds Collie to be well-behaved and exceptionally good at learning which marks up to it being the top on the smartest dogs list. Poodle Extremely…

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