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Importance of Animals and Pets in Hindu Mythology Animal Compassion 

Importance of Animals and Pets in Hindu Mythology

Animals have played a major role in the Hindu mythology since many years. The Hindu scriptures have depicted the animals having souls from the animals including down to the insects and even tiniest of organisms. Animals have been frequently mentioned in the Hindu myths and play a significant role in the form of various gods and goddesses.   Treatment of Animals in Hinduism The ancestral Hindu people treated animals of all forms with respect by considering them as objects of worship. They categorized the animals based on the type of…

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A Stray Dog Got Adopted

A Stray Dog Got Adopted After Waiting For 6 Months In Buenos Aires

If you are patient enough and strive for something; you shall get it! The same worked for a stray dog in Buenos Aires where Rubio, a stray dog had met a flight attendant Olivia Sievers about six months ago. As Olivia showed some love and affection towards Rubio by giving him food, attention, and even a blanket; the dog fell in love with her. Eventually, she had to leave for work as she often traveled between Germany and Argentina. As Olivia returned after sometime, she found Rubio waiting for her…

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Few easy ways to teach your dog For Pet Owners 

Few easy ways to teach your dog not to create a mess in the house while you are gone

Its a common sight for pet owners to find their home in a bundle of mess when they return back from a day out leaving their pets alone at home. Nontheless, their love would never cease, yet it becomes recommendatory to avoid and mend such behaviour of the pets. Its instinctive in them to behave wildly in excitement and all our efforts to domesticise them goes in vain. Let us have a look at some of the easy ways through they can be addressed and taught proper ways  Chew Like Chewing-gum Source :…

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Edmonton society on a rescue spree

A major step towards animal rescue, especially dogs was taken by staff and crew of Edmonton Humane Society(EHS) as they rescued and brought back a good number of dogs into the Alberta’s capital- a western province of Canada. A team was set out to the northern borders of Alberta from where they brought back around 51 stray animals including two preganant dogs and a preganant cat.The Director of operations EHS said that it was a mind-digging task to rescue animals as the regions they had travelled were very remote and they had to be…

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