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Top Reasons Why You Should Not Support Fun Elephant Rides Animal Compassion Blog 

Top Reasons Why You Should Not Support Fun Elephant Rides

You must have loved a jolly jumbo-ride as a kid! Everyone loves to be photographed with the friendly elephants in famous tourist spots. But ever realized the pain and suffering these poor animals undergo as you sit atop them and click selfies? Thousands of elephants including their babies are subjected to forced tourist industry to serve as a means of recreation for the tourists. These innocent creatures are beaten and tortured to be forced into submission right from their childhood. As they grow up, they are forced to carry tourists…

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Top Reasons To Completely Stop Animal Testing Animal Compassion Blog 

Top Reasons To Completely Stop Animal Testing

What’s so wrong with animal testing? If this is your question, then take it as “Why not humans?”. After all, it only involves a simple day’s process of product poisoning, shocking, burning, and eventually killing a living creature for testing effectiveness of a certain product like shampoos, soaps, detergents, and so more. Then why not humans? If this act of animal testing was conducted outside the premises of the laboratories, it would be considered as a grievous crime. Animals suffer an unimaginable pain and die every day as the laboratories…

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Effective Ways to Ensure Proper Pet Care During Monsoon Blog For Pet Owners 

Effective Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe & Healthy During Monsoon

Finally, after months of sweltering heat and humidity, some respite has come in the form of monsoon rains. As lovely and pleasurable it is for the humans, animals enjoy it too. They too feel some cool after months of panting in the heated environment. Though monsoons might be a time of some mental peace, it might take its toll on the physical health of your pets. With the high content of moisture in the air, there are higher chances of your pet being prone to infections, flu, cold, cough, loose…

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Top Best Cruelty-Free Products In India That You Must Try Animal Compassion Blog 

Top Best Cruelty-Free Products In India That You Must Try

Did you know that most of cosmetic and self-care products that we use are tested on animals? The poor animals like mice, monkeys and several more are subjected to utter cruelty as these products including shampoos, soaps, and so more are tested on them. If you support the animal welfare cause, then you can go for trying out the cruelty-free products in India. Most of the vegan products make use of the organic substances and are not injected for testing on any animal. If you are worried about the budget…

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