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22 animals rescued from Rambo Circus , Pune

Cruelty to animals in circus has always made news with regard to violations of animal rights. A recent rescue of 22 animals were made from a circus named “Rambo” at the PWD grounds in Sangvi,Pune after a night operation conducted by the Animal Welfare organizations. NGOs like Wildlife SOS and Animal Rahat from Delhi raided the circus on Thursday evening which continued till Friday morning and rescued 4 elephants, 4 horses and 14 dogs which were found performing in the circus. During the raid, it was found that the licence issued by the Animal…

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asiatic lions

Death number reaches 256 for asiatic lions in last five years.

It’s a sad news regarding the steps taken to increase wildlife population as a recent research shows a considerable increase in the deaths of the Asiatic Lions in the Gujarat province of India. The precise reason for the deaths are yet unknown and are known to be natural or unnatural. According to an estimate, an approximate 256 lions have died in the area in last five years. The natural reasons for the deaths have been accounted to deadly fights among the lions, ageing and succumbness to illness and diseases. However,…

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Horse carriages banned in Mumbai

Image Courtesy : An effort by various animal rights activists that finally urged the Maharashtra Government to put a ban on the use of horses for joy rides in decked-up horse carriages from the streets of Mumbai will finally get into action starting this June. Locally known by the name “Victoria”, these carriages have known to be spectacular tourist attraction around the Gateway of India premises. The tradition of carriage ride all adorned with silver paintings,lights and artifacts of all hues and colors, has been follwed since the British era. Primarily…

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