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Inculcate the Importance of Vegetarian Food for Your Pets Animal Compassion Blog For Pet Owners 

Inculcate the Importance of Vegetarian Food for Your Pets

If you support animal welfare and have a pet at home, then juggling between the dietary needs of your pet can be really daunting. For the first thing, dogs & cats love meat-based food. So, if you are concerned about the overall health of your companion animal and also take into consideration the cruelty of the meat industry, then you can inculcate the importance of meatless food or vegetarian food for your pets. Meat Industry: Dangerous & Unsupervised If you wish to encourage yourself and others to start vegetarian food…

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Effective Ways to Ensure Proper Pet Care During Monsoon Blog For Pet Owners 

Effective Ways to Keep Your Pets Safe & Healthy During Monsoon

Finally, after months of sweltering heat and humidity, some respite has come in the form of monsoon rains. As lovely and pleasurable it is for the humans, animals enjoy it too. They too feel some cool after months of panting in the heated environment. Though monsoons might be a time of some mental peace, it might take its toll on the physical health of your pets. With the high content of moisture in the air, there are higher chances of your pet being prone to infections, flu, cold, cough, loose…

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take care of your pet Animal Compassion Pet Talk 

How to take care of your and pet other street animals this monsoon.

Its with the advent of Monsoons that brings utter joy and happiness into the lives of Indians. Adding cons to it, the rainy season also serves as breeding grounds for water-borne diseases and hygiene issues. As vital it is for Humans, It also becomes very important to take proper care of the animals as well who suffer pretty much to the same extent as us(sometimes even more!).Animals call for special care during rainy season as they get prone to various hygiene issues and diseases. Let us ponder over how to take proper care of…

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Pet Talk 

Tips on how to take care of your pet and animal in your locality

The season of bright sun and heat on has commenced and with it arrives bagful of careful attitude towards lifestyle. Humans are not the only beings who are overwhelmed by the hot weather conditions, the animals too face the heat and the plight of the hot, humid weather. One must as an individual take care of the animals around them and bestow them with conditions favourable enough to survive the heat. Here are some important tips one can deploy to make summers a happy one for the animals: Make sure…

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