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Importance of Plants to Street Animals Animal Compassion Blog 

Importance of Plants to Street Animals

Protecting the natural environment is vital to ensure that there is access to natural air, water and habitat for both animals and human beings as well. As important are plants to the human beings, these are also important for the street animals. We live on a planet which goes by the concept of sustainable living. It is all about co-existence. As such, we must learn to co-exist with each other –plants, human beings & animals –all together. Need of Plants for Street Animals If you consider the importance of plants…

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How Keep your Pets Safe this Diwali Animal Compassion Blog 

How to Keep your Pets and Street Animals Safe this Diwali

One of the most awaited and favorite festival of the Hindus is round the clock. Everyone must have started preparing for the big day from now onwards. While it could be the time of celebration and excitement for you, you need to pay heed to your pets as well. As exciting as it could be for you, it could be greatly horrifying and troublesome for the poor animals. They are trembled and shaken by the loud noise created by the fireworks. Every year, many social organizations urge to say no…

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Syrian association for rescuing animals

Syrian Association for rescuing animals shelters and cares for animals during syrian wars

It’s a heart-wrenching scene to view any innocent creature wandering on the streets as stray in search for food and shelter and more of it is humiliating for us human beings to ignore the same and carry on with our routines of life. The same has been encountered in Syria, a war-stricken country where many people leave behind their pets to move to safer places. The fact that they don’t understand is that these poor animals don’t get any shelter afterwards and move around helpless looking for a shelter.Thus a group named Syrian Association…

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