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Time to Put an End to the Ivory Trade to Protect the Endangered Elephants Animal Compassion Blog 

Time to Put an End to the Ivory Trade to Protect the Endangered Elephants

The elephants of the world are under crisis. Several thousands of elephants are killed each year for their precious ivory tusks which illegally traded across the exotic markets of the world. It is strongly believed that the ivory trade is the main reason for the depleting population of the elephants in the world.

The Need to Protect the Elephants

Elephants are the wild animals that are extremely native to their regions. Their existence is highly vital to the region in which they live. The elephants shape the landscape. As they walk through the forests, they create clearings which make ample space for the new plants to grown in the region. The elephants also help in the spreading of seeds across the forest area. On an overall basis, the existence of the elephants is highly vital to the survival of the natural forest covers and also in maintaining proper food chain.

What is Ivory?

Ivory is the hard, white tooth-like material commonly found in the elephants. In addition to the elephant tusks, the ivory is also found in some other animals like some whales and hippopotamuses. Ivory is considered to be a valuable item. The ivory is used in making intricate artwork and decorative items.

Need of Ivory Trade

As ivory is of immense value and is very rare, the ivory trade gains its importance. There are several countries around the world like China that is a huge marketplace for the selling and buying of the elephants’ ivory tusks.

Owing to the great demand of the elephant’s ivory in the ivory trade, the poachers are continuously killing the endangered elephants. Though the animal and wildlife protection bodies of the world have put a ban on the ivory trade, still several elephants lose their precious life at the cost of their ivory tusks. On an average, it is assumed that one elephant is being killed every 15 minutes in the world. This counts to around 100 elephants being killed every single day.

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Effect of Ivory Trade on the Life of Elephants

As per a recent research on the count of elephants in Africa, it has been observed that around one elephant in three has disappeared in the past few years. The wildlife experts worry that if stronger steps are not taken against the poachers and those involved in the ivory trade, then there could be a real danger standing in front of us with respect to the existing population of the elephants in the world. The death rate of the mature elephants is greater than the birth rate of the new ones. This has put a great threat to their overall existence on this planet.

It is high time that the humans realize the value of each life on this earth. On our journey of greed, we have become so irrational that we do not have any regard towards the life of other animals. The animals have to suffer for no fault of theirs. Stop Killing Animals!!

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