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Tips on how to take care of your pet and animal in your locality

The season of bright sun and heat on has commenced and with it arrives bagful of careful attitude towards lifestyle. Humans are not the only beings who are overwhelmed by the hot weather conditions, the animals too face the heat and the plight of the hot, humid weather.

One must as an individual take care of the animals around them and bestow them with conditions favourable enough to survive the heat. Here are some important tips one can deploy to make summers a happy one for the animals:

  • Make sure to provide the surrounding animals ample amount of fresh drinking water. One can do so by placing a small pot outside the home and making sure it is always filled with water. Most of the animals die out in summer due to lack of drinking water. If each family would just do this small act of kindness, no such animal would have to succumb to their thirst in summers.
  • Birds too face the plight of hot weather. They roam around the sky in bright sun and in lack of drinking water might suffer from heat stroke and die. Do place a small pot of fresh water in your balcony area or hang it around branches of trees to make sure the birds survive the heat too.
  • If you by chance spot any animal residing in the shade of your house or vehicle during the hot summer day, kindly do not scare the animal away. It would do no harm by just sitting there for a while. They feel the heat too and if you are kind enough kindly make the animal comfortable by providing it a better, cooler shade.
  • When it comes to pet care during summers, the pet owners must make it sure that they have proper cooling system at their house. Pets especially dogs and cats are less resistant to heat and may fall ill if not taken proper care of. They also must be always supplied with unlimited access to fresh drinking water.
  • Pets must be kept away from running outside into the heat and sun. They must taken out on a stroll only once the sun has set and the weather has started cooling down, most preferably at nights.
  • Taking care of your pets during summers would also include keeping an eye on the bug factor if any. Bugs tend to be more active during the hot,humid weather and the thick fur of the animals make it a perfect shelter for them which causes irritation and certain other skin allergies. Hence, proper care must be taken regarding hygiene of the pet to keep away bugs of all kinds.
  • Most importantly, one must have a kind heart to save any animal or bird one encounters is in pain or suffering due to the hot weather. On such an encounter, try helping out the innocent by providing first-aid if you have any. Otherwise, one must immediately take the animal to a proper animal shelter or a veterinarian where proper care would be given to the concerned animal. “Remember, just like humans; Life should always be the first priority above all when it comes to the innocent animals and birds too.”

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