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Top Best Cruelty-Free Products In India That You Must Try Animal Compassion Blog 

Top Best Cruelty-Free Products In India That You Must Try

Did you know that most of cosmetic and self-care products that we use are tested on animals? The poor animals like mice, monkeys and several more are subjected to utter cruelty as these products including shampoos, soaps, and so more are tested on them. If you support the animal welfare cause, then you can go for trying out the cruelty-free products in India. Most of the vegan products make use of the organic substances and are not injected for testing on any animal.

If you are worried about the budget of the organic & cruelty-free products in India, then here is a list of the top brands that offer the vegan products in India at highly affordable rates.

  • Aroma Essentials

    All the products on Aroma Essentials are cruelty-free and are derived from the natural essential oils and their blends. You can get a wide range of cosmetic, skincare, hair care, and makeup products on Aroma Essentials at economical rates. You wouldn’t find even a flick of chemical substances in the ingredient list of its products. Therefore, Aroma Essentials proudly claims itself to be an animal-friendly product brand in India. You can reach out to them on their Facebook page. (link:

  • BON Organics

    This brand boasts the USDA Organic certification and claims to be a leading name in offering the best range of cruelty-free products in India. BON stands for Bio-Organic and Natural. This brand has its origin in Auroville, Tamil Nadu. Their main motive is to be eco-friendly, organic and to top it all, ANIMAL-FRIENDLY! You would be surprised to note their reasonable range of products like eyeliners, lip balms, moisturizers and so more. (link:

  • AMARA Organix

    The term “Amara” stands for “immortal” in Sanskrit and “peace-loving” in Mongolian. Both the meaning of the name truly justifies its friendly range of products. AMARA Organix claims to offer strictly all-natural, vegan and eco-friendly products. This unique brand is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and aims to promote the strong notion of animal welfare. You can try out a couple of products from this cruelty-free brand in India and get them all without burning a hole in your pocket. You can reach out to them on their Facebook page. (link:

  • LUSH Cosmetics

    To all the animal-lover girls out there –it comes as a good news that now you can buy animal-friendly and cruelty-free cosmetic products in India. The LUSH Cosmetic brand is trying to leave no stone unturned when it comes to offering completely vegan products that do not involve the innocent animals. This brand offers 100% organic products in the cosmetic range. The prices might seem a little on the raise, however, you can trust their natural and cruelty-free tags to make it more worthwhile for yourself. You can buy the products from Amazon India.(link:

When you think about taking small steps towards supporting animal welfare, you can begin by buying animal cruelty-free products in India. This could be a small, yet a strong move in the positive direction! Go Vegan!! Be Animal-friendly!

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