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Top Reasons To Completely Stop Animal Testing

What’s so wrong with animal testing? If this is your question, then take it as “Why not humans?”. After all, it only involves a simple day’s process of product poisoning, shocking, burning, and eventually killing a living creature for testing effectiveness of a certain product like shampoos, soaps, detergents, and so more. Then why not humans? If this act of animal testing was conducted outside the premises of the laboratories, it would be considered as a grievous crime.

Animals suffer an unimaginable pain and die every day as the laboratories keep testing the harmful chemical products on them with simply no protection from cruelty. If you are unaware of the same, then know about the top reasons to stop animal testing:

It causes unimaginable levels of pain

Animals that are used in animal testing have to undergo infinite amounts of pain and trauma and eventually death in most cases. Instances, like being forced underwater for longer periods without warning or being injected with diseases, are beyond the imagination of anyone. Some research laboratories pay little or no attention to the care of the animals which are being tested upon.

It is Wasteful

Animal sufferings surpass the sufferings of the human beings who wait for cures through several misleading experiments conducted on the animals. The history of cancer research was linked to curing cancers in the mouse. There has been a cure found for mice cancer decades ago which simply didn’t work on the human beings. Therefore, most of the animal testing acts are simply wasteful and thus, there is a high need to stop animal testing right now.

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It is Completely Unnecessary

Do you wish to live in a world where the demand for lipsticks, food ingredients, daily-use products, or medicines surpasses the life of innocent living creatures? All of these tests come at the cost of their lives which they sacrifice NOT at their wills. No animal wishes to be enforced death upon themselves during animal testing.

There are Alternative Methods

There are non-animal research methods available like human-based micro-dosing. In addition to this, other testing methods include in-vitro technology, computer modeling, and human-patient simulators that do not require the lives of animals being taken from them forcefully.

It is Bad Science

The FDA reports have claimed that as many as 92 out of 100 products that were tested on animals failed on the human beings. Therefore, there is no sense into testing them on the animals at the cost of their lives.

If is high time that we realize the importance of the lives of animals and start valuing the same. Support the cause of “Stop Animal Testing” to ensure the lives of innocent beings.

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