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Top Reasons Why You Should Not Support Fun Elephant Rides Animal Compassion Blog 

Top Reasons Why You Should Not Support Fun Elephant Rides

You must have loved a jolly jumbo-ride as a kid! Everyone loves to be photographed with the friendly elephants in famous tourist spots. But ever realized the pain and suffering these poor animals undergo as you sit atop them and click selfies? Thousands of elephants including their babies are subjected to forced tourist industry to serve as a means of recreation for the tourists. These innocent creatures are beaten and tortured to be forced into submission right from their childhood. As they grow up, they are forced to carry tourists on their back all day long as fun elephant rides irrespective of the harshness of weather conditions.

However, only if tourists would know the real pain of these elephants, they could play a big role in discouraging such torturous acts and thus saving the lives of our dear elephants.

  • When elephants are babies, they are taken away from their families in the wild. Most of the times, their mothers and families are also taken into captivity or subjected to torture.


  • Training begins almost immediately after the baby elephants are taken away from the wild. The baby elephants are tied and beaten with various sharp and strong instruments like bullhooks to inflict pain on them such that their spirits are broken and they start obeying their masters in order to avoid further pain.


  • Medical researchers have found that elephants who are subjected to such a crushing process of training often develop post-traumatic stress disorders and fall into lifelong depression.


  • Elephants are natural beings adapted to living freely in the wild. However, while they are captive, they are chained to confined spaces. During elephant rides, they have to sometimes travel tirelessly the entire day even under the harshest weather conditions.
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  • When these animals are not working, they are held captive and chained into small dungeon-like cabins with the concrete floors damaging their legs.


  • The captive elephants are usually denied proper food, water, and healthy nutrition. Thus they fall to early aging and most of them die a premature death.


  • Long hours of standing on hard surfaces, walking with tourists on them for hours, and the lack of any exercise contribute to major foot problems in elephants including arthritis and back injuries.


Now that you are aware of the unimaginable levels of torture our friendly beings “the elephants” are subjected to, you can support the cause of stopping the elephant rides in the tourist industry.

Image Source: Eat Plants Not Animals

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