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Top Secrets of Dog Training You Should Know Blog For Dog Lovers 

Top Secrets of Dog Training You Should Know

Wish to train your dog to the best level? If you wonder how the professional trainers are able to achieve dog training efficiently, then there are some simple tricks to do the same. If you also wish to know about their tenets, then here we unveil some of the top secrets of effective dog training for you. Have a read:

Proper Timing

When it comes to training your lovely pet, then perfect timing is the key. A good dog trainer understands the importance of the correct timing to modify the behavior of that being. They know that dogs usually experience a 2-second “Association period”. Within this period, the trainer associated with the dog as some act of rewarding or punishment. The trick is –if you reward the dog after two seconds, it will not be able to connect to the given reward. The same goes for punishment. Since you are given only two seconds to connect to your beloved pet, your perfect timing matters a lot. Therefore, it is fruitless to keep rewarding or scolding a dog continuously. It is all a matter of those two magical seconds.


Patience is the Holy Grail

When you are training your dog, patience could be your key to success. While training your dog, you could experience dual modes. For instance, there will be times when they adopt the rules quite quickly. On the other hand, there are times when it is impossible to teach them anything productive. However, you should not give up or lose your temper. Be patient and have faith in your dear pet. As time passes, you would definitely experience the positive change in their behavior.

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Some Humor & Fun

Do not always try to be strict with your loved pet. Some added humor and fun could spice up your dog training. It would be fun for both you as well as your pet. As with any small child, it is simpler to teach when the child is in a good mood. The same principle goes with dogs who also seek love and tenderness. When you would combine some love with humor and smiles, they would reciprocate in a similar manner.


Dog training doesn’t necessarily have to be strict and following all the rules. You can make out some of your own rules and see how your pet would love it. Be gentle, yet smart. Watch your sweet, little pup grow into a smart, obedient dog with proper training!

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